Support: Our Highest Priority
Providing rapid, accurate support is the highest priority for the NavPower engineering team. The majority of support requests are answered within an hour by the engineer responsible for that subsystem and most bugs are resolved within 24 hours.
Support: Technology
Integrated build and run time logging simplifies bug reporting and allows NavPower engineers to view issues exactly as they occur on the client platform. The included NavTool application makes it easy to reproduce any NavPower issues and greatly simplifies AI movement debugging.
Support: Licensed Platforms
NavPower is licensed by Microsoft for the Xbox and by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. for the PlayStation. Additionally, NavPower is used by many clients on other platforms such as IOS and Linux which are not directly supported at this time. Please contact us for more details.
"The support has been incredibly responsive. We are very pleased with our decision to use NavPower."
Steve Weatherly, Obsidian Entertainment, Inc..
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